Tuesday, July 14, 2009

background snow

I'm happy with the color of the background snow! To remind you, I thought all the silvers has too much "zip", the highlights were too glittery, unnatural for shadow areas. so, I used 7 strands of Accentuate, 4 of #389 which is a light blue, and 3 of #362, which is a khaki. Together they gave me the greenish cast from the trees that would be evident in the shadow in real life. the light picks up a shine, but no highlights like the shadows in the foreground.

take care,

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The Entourage stocking has been taken off the large stretcher bars, and is going back on the roller bars. I have found I just don't like working on the large frame, and thus haven't done much.

I'm returning to Mexico next week, and taking the stocking with me. This time I WILL sticth, as we are going to relax!!

My spring cleaning/clearance is over for now, the "den" has been created from the room with the pool table, and now the focus is on this stocking (if I can find my roller bars!). I've promised completion for THIS Christmas (not next year).

take care!!