Tuesday, June 14, 2011



I am wondering if anyone is still aboard!

I am working on two stockings for Harper and Caroline. Also, I took two wonderful workshops from Tony Minieri at The Needleworks. AND, I chose a canvas for his February canvas embellishment class from Leigh Designs: Fortress of the Red Dragons Pagoda #7141. I am so looking forward to seeing what he does with this design!

I also ordered another pagoda. If I remember correctly, it is the Temple of 1,000 Cranes, which will be a companion piece to the one tony designs.

Construction/repair on our house has interfered with my stitching, but there is nothing like one of Tony's classes to stimulate the desire to put aside time to stitch!!

hope you all are not melting in the heat...AND, I found out from a textile specialist here in Midland that our completed needlework should not be sealed in plastic. It should be wrapped in either unbleached muslin, or archival paper, or placed in archival boxes. Stephen (the expert) uses lavendar to ward off pests. Remember, if you use cedar blocks, that they have to be scraped or sanded periodically.

take care,