Tuesday, June 15, 2010

vacation is over!!

hmmm, an extended vacation? Although, I wish I had been in Telluride this whole time, honestly, I have just been lazy. I have been keeping up with the stitching blogs, but not stitching much myself.

newsflash! My DIL didn't have altitude sickness after all...she is expecting! We find out next month whether she will deliver a baby boy or baby girl!! either way, the Nativity stocking will be perfect!

I have decided to finish up Stirha rather than start on Bridezilla! My "plan" is to finish up the characters, and save the house to do all at once. But one step at a time! for now it is Stirha.

take care everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010



We are in Telluride for a few more days. I spent yesterday morning in ER with my DIL who has had a bad case of altitude sickness. poor thing!! I was kicking myself for not grabbing my needlepoint as I rushed out the door!! It was the first time ever that I had nothing to do while I was there. they put her on oxygen for a few hours, and gave her some strong meds. she had severe nausea, and was feeling just a little better by last night.

5in of fresh powder!! the boys are loving it!!

Our grandson, Tripp is adorable! I am enjoying him immensely!! He loved for me to shake the tree branches and have the new snow fall off. Chuckled!!

I will try to get a post or two up, but no promises!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I decided to make Stirha's setup mobile, by attaching my table clamp to a stool. The stool can be placed up high, so Gus cannot get to my threads, or on the floor where I can sit on an ottoman. I also can easily take it outside. Since we have a pool, I have to watch Gus when he is outside, and he loves the outdoors when the weather is nice. I never would have thought to attach the clamp to anything but a table--- necessity is the mother of invention!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, now that I have everyone's attention!!

I wanted to share my tip on stripping Lorikeet. The first strand or two are difficult to pull without creating a huge tangled knot. Amy's tip on pulling the first strand only few inches, then straightening the remaining plies works well, but some stitchers still seem to end up with knots. Once you have a knot in Lorikeet, it's very time consuming and frustrating to figure out how to separate your strands.

Credit to Amy Bunger"s Halloweenies Home Study, of Amy's Golden Strand for the "tip" above; used with permission. Amy's stitch guide tips are proprietary, but this is one example of how much I appreciate the educational experience of working Amy's stitch guides!

So here's what I do:

You can see in the picture that I have pulled one strand to the left, with the remaining strands in the center, and the right. There is no knot in this skein, even though the central threads appear tangled. Instead of grabbing those center strands that are already tangled, grab the remaining strands just to the right of the mess, and straighten from there. Once you have the one strand "released" from the rest, then you can go back and straighten those central plies if necessary. If you grab in the middle of those central strands, you might end up with a knot, because the plies can overlap.

I actually do this holding the strands from above, and pull down on the remainder, but direction is probably irrelevant. Do not try to pull two strands at once; it won't work!

hope this helps!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi, gus here....

I am really worried about my master. She has been sticking scary pins in this haunted house she is working on. I don't know if a spell has been cast on her, but she keeps talking about this witch who's coming to live with us. Can't she find a nicer friend, like a cute female JRT?

She has been talking about needles, and...more needles! I have heard that those chenille needles are very sharp!!! and, what the heck is a milliner's needle? for that matter, what is a milliner? ...sounds terrifying!!!

Next thing I know, that witch will be lending her the voodoo spell books!!

love, gus
(they tell me I am the most handsome JRT in the world)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Halloweenies Gift

I love my Halloweenies gift! Thank you Amy!!

I am trying to decide how I want the house finished, and I love the idea of using these pins worked into the cording on the edge of a box shaped standup, perhaps with a black bow on top, and maybe a spider or bat.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Halloweenies House

Hi! thanks, gus, for your post!! you are quite articulate for a 3 month old puppy!!

If anyone is not already aware, you can follow the blog for the Halloweenies Home Study, even if you are not participating! If you click on the title of this post, it will take you directly to the blog. Peggy is doing a wonderful job keeping me on track, and stitching daily, with tips from Amy, and photos of her own work. This dilapidated haunted house has been broken into four segments for stitching purposes. January is part 1, then we do two figures in Feb and March, then part 2 of the house in April, etc.

I love the new floor frame I got for Christmas, especially with all my opportunities to hang things from it and attach sundries to it.

Below is my set up for working on the roof. It is upside down because it brings the roof closer to me. I wish I had had the stocking set up this way last fall.

I must have been a difficult child! I remember when making a debut walk with my dad, I was asked to choose a song, and I chose "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. I think my mom suggested it, but if not, she certainly said that it was very fitting! This home study allows for each of us to "do our own thing" in making a unique creation. I am using the stitch guide and thread selection as a jumping off point for the roof, and can't wait to show close up photos. I am thrilled with the way it is turning out!! I see the roof composed of slate tiles, with some of the tiles missing. More on this in a subsequent post~~ suspense is normal in a study of ghosts, and haunted houses, right?

I will try to be more consistent in my posts.
happy haunting!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


ummm..... hi, .....Gus here. I am a little slow typing this because my paws are too big for these tiny buttons. Sitting on Kathy's shoulder sure is comfy though. It's a good thing she gave me a chew toy, cause otherwise I would be licking her ear.

Well, I was asked to report on the floor stand. I thought the floor stand was supposed to be placed on the floor, but Kathy seemed to think it meant she was supposed to stand on the floor, and the frame was to be placed on the trunk she uses for a coffee table. why she wants to stand while she needlepoints I can't figure out, although she did mention that one burns more calories standing than sitting. she has managed to keep all those soft strings out of my reach, doggonit! Her strings are so much softer than the ones she gives me. She has her strings in stupid boxes with snowmen on them. Heck, I can't even reach the scissors' leash! She must be crazy to put scissors on a leash. Scissors can't walk...can't bark as good as me either.

she is working on the house with the cat and mouse, both which I am trying to figure out how to catch.
She doesn't get very far because she quits when I wake up. I always yip for her to hold me. I think I have her trained pretty well.
she asked me to put up some pictures of her setup. so I did. hope you like them!

slurp (puppy kiss),

Monday, February 8, 2010

guest blogger

oh, the anticipation!!! I have asked a guest blogger to post for me tomorrow!!!

Can you guess who that might be?? and he promises pictures, yea!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I told you I didn't think my coffin was the right size, (that I needed to take off some lbs.), but Amy and Jill and Polly and all were so kind to send me a double wide!! No wonder it has been sitting in the LR under another box, and a coat I threw on top of them when I returned home with our newest male family member, "gus" (picture above.) I was starting to worry, and it's been here the whole time!!!

the coffin not only includes my haunted house, but also a binder and the last of the cookbook chapters I had ordered on sale, and my last Nativity canvas. I was on the lookout for a skinny box, lol!! It is like trying on a size 8 and realizing you are now in size 14-16!!!

Anyway, I am so excited ...cannot wait to read the stitch guide and get it all set up on my evertites and new floor frame!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Anyone making funeral arrangements? I have ordered my coffin, have you?

Also, I must mention it is not an empty coffin on the way!! Mine comes pre-assembled, and even complete with spiders and ghosts, (along with other things-kinda spooky!) What a deal! Also, I know I need to lose weight, but I guess I will really have to get busy! You see these coffins will fit in your mailbox, well almost!

These must be a great deal, because look at the demand:

(sorry but you will have to cut and paste; someone has stolen my link capacity)

I guess I am not the only one making, ahem, "arrangements"!!

this is going to be fun!!! perhaps you will join us??

maybe TODAY will be the day my coffin arrives!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Guess who came with me to Zihua?? Two best friends: Amy Bunger and Kelly Clark. Of course, they are each others best friends, and my virtual compadres, but who better to travel with?? yes, Amy, you are in Zihuatanejo right now, you just can't taste the fresh red snapper, or luxuriate in the best massages on earth! You and Kelly will have to stay on my DVD drive, but I sure enjoy your company!!

what an incredible DVD!! I am so glad I will know the needleweaving tips and techniques when I get to the part of my stitch guide that calls for them!! I am sure everyone knows about the new DVDs, but just in case, here is the link to DVD #7 "The Ins and Outs of Needleweaving":


I decided to bring a stocking I am working on, and managed to pack my lap frame in my luggage. I was afraid they might not let it back into the USA in a carryon bag. those bars are menacing with the screws on the end, you know!!

take care,

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Have you ever felt that a piece you're stitching is jinxed? I have an Imari plate pillow that is still unfinished. It seemed each time I worked on it, something bad happened.

I am starting to think the Nutcrackers are jinxed. It only started after I put them in straight jackets, and so I guess I am to blame, perhaps. I guess what I need to do is finish them really quickly, but I guarantee they are not going out of town with me----ever again!!

Unfortunately, our family dog, a Jack Russell Terrier passed away while I was out of town for 24 hrs with doc and the Piper. "Sparky" and I had gotten pretty close while I was working on Tripp's stocking. He will be missed.

I would have understood if he had gotten hit by a car because he paid no attention to them. But, he was killed by a pack of coyotes less than 2 blocks from our home. We live in the middle of town--it happened at the community college close by. He had accidentally been let out.

sooo---what to do?? We are heading to Mexico next week. the nutcrackers will stay home, and I guess I will take the Nativity stocking with me, and maybe something small also. I am almost afraid to try to get onto an international flight with stretcher bars, but I will be gone an entire week.

hmmm, not sure what I will take with me...

Friday, January 1, 2010


Ring in the new year!!! 2010!!

Seems in my house, it will be the "Year of the House"!! A Weenie House, a Woodland house, and you know designers always say we should have 3 of something, right?? well, the Weenie House and Woodland House have stitch guides by Amy. what should the third house be?

Robin mentioned Amy might be ordering another canvas of the Valentine House:
which already has a custom stitch guide, and won FIRST PLACE at ANG a few yrs ago....very tempting!!
Since I don't have any needlepointed Valentine decorations, this might be a possibility.

But, I also like the Peppermint Stick House:
Perhaps Amy could see if the colors coordinate with the Woodland House?? the greens, purples, etc.... The kids and grandkids are home at Christmas, so I know it would be a part of our celebrations.

btw, the Piper has been behaving, so he is getting his cell decor updated! (see bandidos (nutcracker) posts, if you don't know what I am talking about)

Any thoughts?