Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I told you I didn't think my coffin was the right size, (that I needed to take off some lbs.), but Amy and Jill and Polly and all were so kind to send me a double wide!! No wonder it has been sitting in the LR under another box, and a coat I threw on top of them when I returned home with our newest male family member, "gus" (picture above.) I was starting to worry, and it's been here the whole time!!!

the coffin not only includes my haunted house, but also a binder and the last of the cookbook chapters I had ordered on sale, and my last Nativity canvas. I was on the lookout for a skinny box, lol!! It is like trying on a size 8 and realizing you are now in size 14-16!!!

Anyway, I am so excited ...cannot wait to read the stitch guide and get it all set up on my evertites and new floor frame!!


  1. So glad you found it. You have one opportunity to teach Gus about which threads are yours and which threads are his. Good luck with that!

  2. Get to gettin' I'm anxious to see it all. BTW, Gus is tooooooooo cute. A Jack Russell, so smart, often too smart for their own good. Cute cancels out all bad behavior, at least at my house it does. Enjoy your newest member of the family.

  3. What a precious pup! Glad for you & for Gus. I will look for more photos about and possible guest postings from... Gus.

  4. A new puppy and new stuff to stitch--how lucky can one person be?