Tuesday, February 9, 2010


ummm..... hi, .....Gus here. I am a little slow typing this because my paws are too big for these tiny buttons. Sitting on Kathy's shoulder sure is comfy though. It's a good thing she gave me a chew toy, cause otherwise I would be licking her ear.

Well, I was asked to report on the floor stand. I thought the floor stand was supposed to be placed on the floor, but Kathy seemed to think it meant she was supposed to stand on the floor, and the frame was to be placed on the trunk she uses for a coffee table. why she wants to stand while she needlepoints I can't figure out, although she did mention that one burns more calories standing than sitting. she has managed to keep all those soft strings out of my reach, doggonit! Her strings are so much softer than the ones she gives me. She has her strings in stupid boxes with snowmen on them. Heck, I can't even reach the scissors' leash! She must be crazy to put scissors on a leash. Scissors can't walk...can't bark as good as me either.

she is working on the house with the cat and mouse, both which I am trying to figure out how to catch.
She doesn't get very far because she quits when I wake up. I always yip for her to hold me. I think I have her trained pretty well.
she asked me to put up some pictures of her setup. so I did. hope you like them!

slurp (puppy kiss),


  1. Great posting, Gus. Who knew standing burned more calories than sitting, but then... of course, it does. That's very inspiring. Looking forward to more postings from Gus.

  2. Nice set-up you have there. Gus will be stitching before long.