Tuesday, March 31, 2009


this post on Janet Perry's blog sure rang true for me.

Why does a mother of four VERY active sons needlepoint? Because, unlike my home, it stays where you put it, it has a basic organization, it's beautiful, and it relaxes me!

I remember when my son George decided to cut something on my desk when he was young. He used a Swiss Army knife and just HAPPENED not to move the beautiful angel needlepoint canvas that was on my desk, resulting in a six inch slice through it. I've kept that canvas for some reason! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) children grow up. I've also kept the egg he painted on canvas. It's mainly blobs of paint.

so, thanks Janet! I can stitch this canvas after all. But, I wonder if I would prefer just framing it and giving it to George.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am starting something new, and will post my favorite accessory, thread, or other "Item of the Week"

This week my favorite is the mega plastic tote bag (30in x 20in!!). This is perfect for travel if you have something large on stretcher bars, or are carrying multiple projects, lights, etc. I love the fact that it is waterproof and zips on top. I feel very secure that my needlework is protected. I purchased two of them!

Now, when you are not using it for needlepoint, it makes a great dog carrier for your Great Dane. Heck, you could even put your grandchild in there if he is throwing you for a loop, but I don't think you should zip him in!! darn!

You can find these at Amy's Golden Strand and The Needleworks.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


What will happen to your completed needlepoint items when you pass on? I am not trying to be MOROSE, but those DYEING threads (Threads to DYE For) with names like cadaver, casket, and autopsy spark the question.

Will your kids or grandkids fight over them, or worse, will one of them just take them? Will they put your Christmas ornaments in a box in the garage with the rest of the decorations, feeding those poor hungry moths?

Well, something I did about 2 years ago may be of interest to some of you (is anyone reading this?) My tree was full of decorations! I could hardly identify my needlepoint treasures--had to really look for them. I decided that since two of my children were now married and had relatively sparsely decorated trees, it might be nice for them to have some of my needlepoint ornaments, RIGHT NOW. I had over 20 ornaments, and four sons, so I took a picture of each ornament, and created a Picasa web album. We drew straws for the order, and then we emailed each other as to whose turn it was and each son selected their favorites. Once completed, I took the chosen ornaments to the two older sons, and am keeping the ones for the unmarried sons here.

The nice part of this was how much FUN it was for them AND FOR ME!! I could see how much they appreciated my many hours of stitching. THEY know which ones are theirs, and I have the opportunity to make sure they take good care of them, storing them appropriately. The two older ones will have them on their own tree for my grandchildren to enjoy from the time they can remember, and so my needlepoint will be even more special to the grandchildren.

Even if you do not distribute them now, I recommend this procedure so that the "choosing" part doesn't come in a time of stress.

I think this is a much better way to divvy up precious needlework, than to risk hard feelings after I am gone. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Monday, March 23, 2009


It's awesome to see it all stretched out! I feel like my "baby" has moved from a crib to a big bed! I can't seem to get a good picture of the whole stocking, but it is on stretcher bars.


I am selling this GORGEOUS canvas!!! starting bid is 99 cents with no reserve----am I crazy or what? I just hate reserves on ebay. Click the title of this post to go to the listing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


"....she awoke from the dream and found her toys just where she had left them. A minute ago she had been dreaming that they had come to life, and were moving about her room, each with a personality and life of its own."

I remember as a child that I had nightmares for days about my toys coming to life. I believe I had been read a story about this, but cannot remember the name of it.

Well, Grizzle, Doc, and Mr. White are only in our imagination. I don't know if you are tired of hearing about them. (Some have suggested I write children's books) Time for a change for awhile...

It's amazing what the mind can dwell on while stitching. If you are not familiar with Audible.com audio books, you can click on the "POOF" title above to go there directly. I have found that digital audio books are a wonderful way to "read SA Jane's books" while stitching. My stitching setup is in my kitchen, and my computer is right here with me. I bought a new Apple Macbookpro (laptop) for Christmas and was concerned with the buzzing when I turned the volume high enough to hear the audiobook. Hooking up an external speaker solved the problem. From Audible.com, for the first 3 months, you can purchase a book a month for $7.50. The digital books can be copied to three different computers, and can also be added to an iphone or ipod as many times as you want. They will be in your audible.com library forever. I am on my second book: _The Story of Edgar Sawtelle_

You may be curious about my new photo in the header. (I will try to get a better image.) Perhaps I should have been a mystery writer, because I want to keep you in suspense! In my next post I will talk about the "Back" in my theme of "Back to the Future".

"back" in Midland, for a few days (!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Mr. White and Doc were caught in a snow storm when Doc's GPS system sent them over a mountain pass on a dirt road which is only open in the summer, and then only to four wheel drive vehicles. Grizzle found shelter from the storm, but he has appealed to "Papa Bear in the Sky" (shown left) to help find Doc and Mr. White. Snow has been blanketing the mountains for the last few days.

(This is all fictional...we are all fine and having a great time. All we have seen is sunshine and spring skiing! The only stitching I have done is on the background snow on the stocking)

Back home by Friday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I thought I had already posted this, but apparently not. so sorry!

Click on the title above to go to the Tapestry Tent image of the Entourage stocking.

Friday, March 13, 2009


FOXY doesn't have any idea why Grizzle looks so harried. Foxy has his wrapped chenille (a knitting yarn) booties on so he is ready to put his best foot forward for the guests. He loves to hit the clubs at night. His red fox coat of whisper and wool will keep him warm. Grizzle, on the other hand, has no overdyed silk in town for his pears. He will have to make do with oranges for now. Fresh fruit is always hard to obtain in remote mountain locations. Entertaining is kinda like that; you just roll with the punches.

Mr. White and Doc have both decided that they had better get their longjohns on before they arrive in Telluride! Shortalls just don't cut it in the snow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Grizzle has extended an invitation to Mr. White to come visit him at his home in the mountains of Colorado for a week. Doc thinks the change of scenery, and interaction with nature will do wonders for Mr. White's state of mind!! Doc has arranged his busy schedule to go with Mr. White, as Mr. White is in no condition to travel alone!!!

Since Doc doesn't have access to a corporate jet like Warren Buffet, or a G7 like Nancy Pelosi, they will be traveling by car, and plan to get some therapy sessions squeezed in while on the road.

What excitement is in the air!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Gold diamonds are often painted on canvases that are irregular and look awful. Nothing irritates me more. So, I painted out the diamonds on the bear's saddlebag, and because I am no expert painter, I am doing reverse continental stitch with 2 ply Spendor 826 to get an even and rich background color. I realize this is darker than the straps I did with a greek variation in Trebizond #410, but I plan to bring in the brighter red in a composite pattern.

The basket should probably be done in a linen, or natural fiber, but I will probably break the rules and use gold. I already have plenty of glitz, but this opportunity is too nice to pass up. It's a focal point.

bye! :))


Have you ever been online, and wanted to see something enlarged, but when you click on the photo, nothing happens? well, here's a trick for windows users....

Look in the lower right corner of your browser (for nontechies, that is the window you have open), where you will find a magnifying glass and 100%, and an arrow to the right. If you click on that, a pop up box will appear where you can specify up to 999%. the more you enlarge, the fuzzier the image gets, so you really shouldn't go that high. but, I have often used the 150, 200, and a custom 300% to enlarge images. Just this morning I was looking at the funnest (is that a word?) fibers, but the picture was so small I couldn't see the variations in the color well enough. voila!!the magic magnifier to my rescue!! And, I felt a RESCUE was most necessary because I was viewing fibers named cadaver, corpse, casket, deadly...well, you get the idea! These are Amy Mitten's (Calgary, Canada) new "Fibers to Dye For"---what a hoot!!! (click on "Help!" above to view directly, but do so at your own risk.

hopefully, I will see you tomorrow, if not, ...must have been "Col. Mustard"!!! (with the "Poison Berry" at the "Stroke of Midnight")

Sunday, March 8, 2009


That adorable baby above is our first grandchild, "Tripp". (the picture ABOVE the bear!!) Aren't all grandchildren adorable?? He is the "future" that my blog name refers to.

I have been working on his Tapestry Tent "Entourage" stocking today that his parents picked out before he was born. I have no idea what fiber I am using for the bear, but I may have bought it from Two Grey Hills in Houston in the eighties! They had the most gorgeous wools! This one has varying shades of rich browns. I stitched Nobuko (turned to the vertical) with 2 strands. For the legs, I will add in a darker brown for one of the strands and turn it a quarter turn ( I think). I may change the fruit that is currently partially stitched with rachel to all silks.

Kimberly Smith, of The Needleworks, Austin, helped me with fibers and stitch selection. She really does a great job! I have alot of animal fibers in my stash, so today I deviated and did my own thing.

I wouldn't do the snow in basketweave if I had it to do again (my deviation), but I like the Sparkle Braid by Rainbow Gallery that Kim suggested. I chose Kreinik size 8 #3231 for the shadows. I LOVE it!! Even though it appears gray on the spool, and the shadows on the canvas are painted light bluish gray, the value is perfect and the highlights are EXACTLY the same as the Treasure Braid, so once stitched the highlights in the shadow areas are what stand out. They are that same pretty aqua as those in Treasure Braid, so the fiber color appears fairly close to what the canvas calls for.

I have more pictures somewhere, but perhaps on another computer. If you would like to see the whole stocking please go to the Tapestry Tent site (link is on the right)and look for #AXS277.

thanks for all the cards for Mr. White! now, where is the food?? He LOVES COOKIES, particularly homemade, or mint girl scout.

see ya!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


May I introduce Mr. White's doctor: "Doc". We are catching him on his way to Mr. White's therapy session. (Remember, Mr. White likes the birds the best) Doc is quite rich, as most doctors are, so he is wearing brocade longjohns. Well, actually they look more like the shortalls that my grandson wears. Fibers include medici, marlitt, and Krenik #3433, size 4. The picture doesn't show it well, but the marlitt is a reddish purple, tying in with the reddish purple ribbon, while the medici is more like the bluish purple ribbon. Once again I have deviated from the stitch guide and pulled from my stash, in this case to bring in the ribbon colors. I covered the white painted buttons with a cross stitch. Eventually he will have gold buttons on his shortalls, but in the meantime....well...he will just have to "hold it".

All joking aside, this is the second nutcracker in the series from The Needleworks, Austin, TX. (click on the title of this post to go to their website)

see ya!

Friday, March 6, 2009

a Visit to Mr. White

Mr. White, as some of you may know, has been out of the mainstream while he is dealing with his "issues". I paid him a visit today, because I wanted to see how he was faring. As you can see, his eyes are still rather droopy; perhaps due to overmedication. He is going to be under the Doctor's care for quite some time. Pets are often used for therapy, and he enjoys the birds the best. But, secretly he told me the boucle tree is the REAL attraction. He LOVES pears!

poor Mr. White- we may not see him for awhile. Recovery takes time.

I will keep you updated. -- Cards and letters, and especially FOOD, may be addressed to me and I will make sure he receives them.


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Since we have a new grandson, I thought I had better practice dying eggs! hmmm.... funny looking eggs, aren't they? maybe I need more practice!!

Well, the funky chicken (see him above^^^^), could be playing tricks on us!

tune in tomorrow, ...for the rest of the story....


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, the trees are budding and pollen is in the air. My new photo is of a chick with allergies. no, it's not me!

I have almost finished organizing all my threads, and have nearly finished going through my new stitch guide for a Tapestry Tent stocking I ordered from Amy Bunger. WOW!! She did an awesome job! With the help of the internet, I have been able to pull up the fibers and visualize the stitches, even before the canvas arrives. I spent all day yesterday on this and am not finished--almost, but not quite!

Amy's Golden Strand actually has two wonderful stitch guides for this stocking design! I may stitch them both eventually. Click the title of this post to go to the link of a picture of the stocking completed with Robin King's guidance. Isn't it gorgeous!!? Truly a work of art!

Mr. White is temporarily unavailable. Poor Mr. White- even without the burden stitch he just couldn't cope!

have a great day (really!)