Thursday, March 26, 2009


What will happen to your completed needlepoint items when you pass on? I am not trying to be MOROSE, but those DYEING threads (Threads to DYE For) with names like cadaver, casket, and autopsy spark the question.

Will your kids or grandkids fight over them, or worse, will one of them just take them? Will they put your Christmas ornaments in a box in the garage with the rest of the decorations, feeding those poor hungry moths?

Well, something I did about 2 years ago may be of interest to some of you (is anyone reading this?) My tree was full of decorations! I could hardly identify my needlepoint treasures--had to really look for them. I decided that since two of my children were now married and had relatively sparsely decorated trees, it might be nice for them to have some of my needlepoint ornaments, RIGHT NOW. I had over 20 ornaments, and four sons, so I took a picture of each ornament, and created a Picasa web album. We drew straws for the order, and then we emailed each other as to whose turn it was and each son selected their favorites. Once completed, I took the chosen ornaments to the two older sons, and am keeping the ones for the unmarried sons here.

The nice part of this was how much FUN it was for them AND FOR ME!! I could see how much they appreciated my many hours of stitching. THEY know which ones are theirs, and I have the opportunity to make sure they take good care of them, storing them appropriately. The two older ones will have them on their own tree for my grandchildren to enjoy from the time they can remember, and so my needlepoint will be even more special to the grandchildren.

Even if you do not distribute them now, I recommend this procedure so that the "choosing" part doesn't come in a time of stress.

I think this is a much better way to divvy up precious needlework, than to risk hard feelings after I am gone. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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