Friday, March 13, 2009


FOXY doesn't have any idea why Grizzle looks so harried. Foxy has his wrapped chenille (a knitting yarn) booties on so he is ready to put his best foot forward for the guests. He loves to hit the clubs at night. His red fox coat of whisper and wool will keep him warm. Grizzle, on the other hand, has no overdyed silk in town for his pears. He will have to make do with oranges for now. Fresh fruit is always hard to obtain in remote mountain locations. Entertaining is kinda like that; you just roll with the punches.

Mr. White and Doc have both decided that they had better get their longjohns on before they arrive in Telluride! Shortalls just don't cut it in the snow.

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  1. I can't stand it any longer! Please please please post a photo of the entire stocking....

    Jane, dying of curiosity in CH