Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Mr. White and Doc were caught in a snow storm when Doc's GPS system sent them over a mountain pass on a dirt road which is only open in the summer, and then only to four wheel drive vehicles. Grizzle found shelter from the storm, but he has appealed to "Papa Bear in the Sky" (shown left) to help find Doc and Mr. White. Snow has been blanketing the mountains for the last few days.

(This is all fictional...we are all fine and having a great time. All we have seen is sunshine and spring skiing! The only stitching I have done is on the background snow on the stocking)

Back home by Friday!

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  1. ...adn actually, George, christen, and baby Tripp were directed by the GPS system to take such a road. A dirt road, covered with snow...they chose not to go that route. The GPS does not do well in the mountains; it turned a two hour drive into a four hour drive over treacherous roads. After a long flight, Christen was almost in tears. tripp WAS in tears!