Sunday, March 8, 2009


That adorable baby above is our first grandchild, "Tripp". (the picture ABOVE the bear!!) Aren't all grandchildren adorable?? He is the "future" that my blog name refers to.

I have been working on his Tapestry Tent "Entourage" stocking today that his parents picked out before he was born. I have no idea what fiber I am using for the bear, but I may have bought it from Two Grey Hills in Houston in the eighties! They had the most gorgeous wools! This one has varying shades of rich browns. I stitched Nobuko (turned to the vertical) with 2 strands. For the legs, I will add in a darker brown for one of the strands and turn it a quarter turn ( I think). I may change the fruit that is currently partially stitched with rachel to all silks.

Kimberly Smith, of The Needleworks, Austin, helped me with fibers and stitch selection. She really does a great job! I have alot of animal fibers in my stash, so today I deviated and did my own thing.

I wouldn't do the snow in basketweave if I had it to do again (my deviation), but I like the Sparkle Braid by Rainbow Gallery that Kim suggested. I chose Kreinik size 8 #3231 for the shadows. I LOVE it!! Even though it appears gray on the spool, and the shadows on the canvas are painted light bluish gray, the value is perfect and the highlights are EXACTLY the same as the Treasure Braid, so once stitched the highlights in the shadow areas are what stand out. They are that same pretty aqua as those in Treasure Braid, so the fiber color appears fairly close to what the canvas calls for.

I have more pictures somewhere, but perhaps on another computer. If you would like to see the whole stocking please go to the Tapestry Tent site (link is on the right)and look for #AXS277.

thanks for all the cards for Mr. White! now, where is the food?? He LOVES COOKIES, particularly homemade, or mint girl scout.

see ya!!

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