Sunday, March 22, 2009


"....she awoke from the dream and found her toys just where she had left them. A minute ago she had been dreaming that they had come to life, and were moving about her room, each with a personality and life of its own."

I remember as a child that I had nightmares for days about my toys coming to life. I believe I had been read a story about this, but cannot remember the name of it.

Well, Grizzle, Doc, and Mr. White are only in our imagination. I don't know if you are tired of hearing about them. (Some have suggested I write children's books) Time for a change for awhile...

It's amazing what the mind can dwell on while stitching. If you are not familiar with audio books, you can click on the "POOF" title above to go there directly. I have found that digital audio books are a wonderful way to "read SA Jane's books" while stitching. My stitching setup is in my kitchen, and my computer is right here with me. I bought a new Apple Macbookpro (laptop) for Christmas and was concerned with the buzzing when I turned the volume high enough to hear the audiobook. Hooking up an external speaker solved the problem. From, for the first 3 months, you can purchase a book a month for $7.50. The digital books can be copied to three different computers, and can also be added to an iphone or ipod as many times as you want. They will be in your library forever. I am on my second book: _The Story of Edgar Sawtelle_

You may be curious about my new photo in the header. (I will try to get a better image.) Perhaps I should have been a mystery writer, because I want to keep you in suspense! In my next post I will talk about the "Back" in my theme of "Back to the Future".

"back" in Midland, for a few days (!)

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