Thursday, January 7, 2010


Have you ever felt that a piece you're stitching is jinxed? I have an Imari plate pillow that is still unfinished. It seemed each time I worked on it, something bad happened.

I am starting to think the Nutcrackers are jinxed. It only started after I put them in straight jackets, and so I guess I am to blame, perhaps. I guess what I need to do is finish them really quickly, but I guarantee they are not going out of town with me----ever again!!

Unfortunately, our family dog, a Jack Russell Terrier passed away while I was out of town for 24 hrs with doc and the Piper. "Sparky" and I had gotten pretty close while I was working on Tripp's stocking. He will be missed.

I would have understood if he had gotten hit by a car because he paid no attention to them. But, he was killed by a pack of coyotes less than 2 blocks from our home. We live in the middle of town--it happened at the community college close by. He had accidentally been let out.

sooo---what to do?? We are heading to Mexico next week. the nutcrackers will stay home, and I guess I will take the Nativity stocking with me, and maybe something small also. I am almost afraid to try to get onto an international flight with stretcher bars, but I will be gone an entire week.

hmmm, not sure what I will take with me...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. So sad! Superstitions like that if they stick in your head should probably be heard!

  2. thanks, Maria! It is hard to adjust to Sparky's absence.

    as for the superstition,
    I know it was just a run of bad luck. I am not letting it stop me from working on the Piper. but, he is not traveling with me.

  3. Kathy, such a tragedy, I am so sorry about Sparky and hope you're adjusting.

    I had a kimono that took 7 years before I would finish it. I never thought it was jinxed, but now I'm wondering! LOL! I put those kind of thoughts (that enter regularly) out of my head in an effort to only attract good karma.:)

    I'm glad I found your blog.

  4. Welcome, Madonna!!!

    I am so glad you are here! see my comment on the needlepoint study hall blog...first I drowned my sorrow by shopping!! lots of new canvases!! but, then, a breeder was so nice and allowed me to bring home the most adorable new 11 week old jack russell!!

    pics soon...