Friday, January 1, 2010


Ring in the new year!!! 2010!!

Seems in my house, it will be the "Year of the House"!! A Weenie House, a Woodland house, and you know designers always say we should have 3 of something, right?? well, the Weenie House and Woodland House have stitch guides by Amy. what should the third house be?

Robin mentioned Amy might be ordering another canvas of the Valentine House:
which already has a custom stitch guide, and won FIRST PLACE at ANG a few yrs ago....very tempting!!
Since I don't have any needlepointed Valentine decorations, this might be a possibility.

But, I also like the Peppermint Stick House:
Perhaps Amy could see if the colors coordinate with the Woodland House?? the greens, purples, etc.... The kids and grandkids are home at Christmas, so I know it would be a part of our celebrations.

btw, the Piper has been behaving, so he is getting his cell decor updated! (see bandidos (nutcracker) posts, if you don't know what I am talking about)

Any thoughts?

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