Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amy's sale

who can resist a great sale? Obviously, not me, not I, not I splurged.

I just had to participate in the 25% off sale at Amy's Golden Strand, purchasing the Woodland House MSD 1086 D, by Melissa Shirley --and a custom stitch guide by Amy of Whoville, or was it Bungerville, or perhaps it will soon be (hallo)Weenieville. Well, certainly it's not Cruella-de-Ville--she's too nice!! <<< AMY BUNGER

Here's a link:

I was thinking it would be a beautiful centerpiece for my Christmas dinner table, but then I remembered Will caught his linen napkin on fire last year. Well, he was only 16, so maybe he will still grow up. (We didn't have candles this year.)

I am following the Pied Piper and Doc to the lake for New Year's...wishing everyone the best in 2019....who's counting??



  1. Hi Kathy,
    Sorry I removed the Woodland House before your viewers could see it. Here's the Melissa Shirley Designs link of the same Woodland house.

    Today Amy was mentioning she might order the Valentine's house. She's already got the Stitch Guide, and you know from reading the e-newsletter, it won 1st place ANG a few years ago. You might say, it is tried & true.

    I've linked your Blog to Peggy's blog.
    Thanks and Happy New Year.


  2. thanks, robin! I've changed it in the main post now.