Monday, December 28, 2009


Thank you, Santa!! You really hit the mark this year with the gifts you gave me. Well, I know I have been good, but...ummm...well, I ...ummm. We need to talk!

I worked my tail off to finish Tripp's stocking by the deadline, and it is gorgeous (if I would only attach the tassels and bells). But, I must confess...I am still on Baby Jesus in the Amy Bunger home study--which really isn't sooo bad when you consider the series is still going on. It only means I need to finish 11 and a half figures by Sept 1st. Piece of cake, right??

And, then, Santa, there is that crazy group of Bandidos, with the Doctor, and who know what all he is prescribing them. Never, ever, will I take a road trip with them again---two flat tires in a BMW (spares aren't stocked in junction , TX with a population of 2K). And, then there was the fog in Midland for two days, which meant the Bandidos and I spent the night in Dallas. I thought it was over until I discovered the hotel had charged me for two nights instead of one! I guess it was Father Frost's fault. the Bandidos probably talked him in to casting a spell. (Remember, I put them in straightjackets? guess they don't like it, but tough)

So, Santa, could I just leave you the Bandidos on your plate next year instead of cookies? I am sure they wouldn't be much trouble. don't you need a few more helpers since the economy is stretching so many budgets?

One last thing Santa---I have to confess---I signed up for a new series!! It was just too hard to resist all the creepy Hallloweenies at Bungerville!

so, you see Santa, I love the floor stand you brought me, and the last few cookbook chapters, and Jane Zimmerman's second book. and, umm, well I bought a few books for myself, and do I say this---Well, yes, I bought some new canvases too--not too many (rofl!).

so Santa, I think I will tell you early what is on my list for next year: just a tad of discipline. that shouldn't be too hard. After all, the system worked! I just need to figure out how to avoid letting it all happen in the first place, right Madam Secretary??

hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

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