Sunday, December 6, 2009

The LineUp

Well, all Doc's friends (except one, which will be dealt with later) are now in straight jackets! Some people call them stretcher bars, but regardless, they are confined and can't move. They really are not very happy about it because they cannot play with their birds.

Sorry folks, I had to do it. you see, they were carrying weapons...these long sticks with numbers on them. Since I couldn't take their weapons from them, I had to stitch them so that they could not be used for violence. About nine are finished.

I am traveling to San Antonio for a big First Birthday party today, and three of the "detainees" have asked for wallpaper in their cells. Can you imagine?? I guess since the gitmo detainees asked for cushions on their chairs, all our incarcerated think they need luxuries. They really wanted Schumacher, but I told them they would have to settle for the Needleworks' wallpaper.

Now, the one that has not been put in his straight jacket, what about him you ask? He's Scottish, and the Embassy stepped in. (If he were Italian, he would have no support) So, we are delaying confinement for a few days. (Actually my stretcher bars are defective and splitting when I try to assemble them)

I expect the detainees sentence to be up for parole next summer when I attend Tony's class at The Needleworks. At that point they can go to the probation officer, I hope!!

Happy stitching all,

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  1. LOL

    Send pictures. We have to inspect the cells to make sure everything is ship shape.