Thursday, November 26, 2009



I've mounted most of the nutcrackers on stretcher bars, deciding that the assembly line process will work best for me. (I think I need to purchase a couple more stretcher bars)

This is the series by The Needleworks that I received monthly through this year, and promptly shoved in the drawer while working on Tripp's stocking. My goal is to finish by May 1, 2010, taking it for finishing by Pam in Houston when I go to my medical checkups. I will receive the last one at the end of December.

(You remember the Doc, Mr. White, and all their friends with the birds from the European clinics.)

Currently, I am working on the staffs of each, and plan to do the hands next--then faces, and backgrounds. All the common areas will be done first via the "assembly line" process.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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