Monday, November 2, 2009

Doc and Mr. White!!

Well, guess who showed up last night---?

Doc and Mr. White have apparently been having quite a raucous time! No wonder I hadn't heard from them. Mr. White has made a remarkable recovery, and he and the doc have been traveling through Europe. They came home last night, and brought ALL their friends. (I had to make up the spare bedrooms, and some even had to sleep in sleeping bags)

We have French maids...hmmm! A character they refer to as "lord" in stretch pants, and some rich guy in expensive clothes. Rumor has it he is looking for 5 wives! they all brought their pets---I don't know why they like birds so much; perhaps they were in a European sanitarium, and doc signed them out. they have hens, swans (with their young), and some noisy birds, that won't keep quiet, even at night. They keep calling out to the other birds. I think they may be doves.

I am fending off cats by the dozens, and have decided to put all the birds in the cages my kids kept their rabbits in when they were younger!

wow, chaos around here, but I am so happy Doc and Mr. White have finally appeared, and happy to have all their friends, too!

take care all,

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