Thursday, October 29, 2009

GoldRush XS

I am in love with GoldRush XS for a brassy gold. It gives the same effect as beading---almost a liquid gold. It does have a very brassy tone, but the canvas was painted in those tones. I've deviated from my stitch guide and worked it in basketweave for the bands on Mary's dress. For now, the intersections painted blue are left unstitched. I am deciding what to do with them---couched matte (or shiny?) blue, perhaps shaded by wrapping the couched strand? beads are a possibility....

For the shading in the bottom band, I used a tawny gold and a lighter gold in soft sheen Fyreworks, for a subtle difference. hopefully, I won't be reworking it!

You may see the metallics Amy suggested for this area appear later on Joseph's gown, or perhaps as the trim on his cape. Those include fibers Kreinik205C and a larger cord to match. I am still deliberating on whether to use the raised leaf (Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers, ch7-17) in the band on his gown, or go with a stitched pattern such as Waffle (Norwich),Amy's cookbook ch 7-11, or Diagonal Strap, Amy's ch 16-4. I have a metallic (Kreinik 713) in my stash, and have ordered NPI silk #602.

You can also see the gorgeous plum color of Joseph's gown---thanks Amy! I just happened to have the darker plum (used in the single vertical basketweave) in my stash, a Kreinik silk. On the painted canvas, I must admit I wasn't crazy about having Joseph in dusty pink!! Now, I love the way the color plays against his cape in a khaki green!!

I really have a million things to do, but cannot stop working on this wonderful canvas! It's so much fun having a stitch guide by Amy Bunger!

take care all,

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