Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mary still has bruises and won't allow me to take her picture. but, I decided to post the "before" picture of my stocking. After paying retail, some people might be afraid to take up a paintbrush and acrylics, but I had so much satisfaction from painting out the bear's balnket on the last stocking, that I brought a critical eye to this one.

I try to eliminate anything that is unnecessary, or confusing; anything that someone might ask, "what is that, anyway?" first to go was the black plume above the second king. I do have a black plume that is the right size. It was in my stash, but I think it originally came from fly tying materials for fishing. It was in a packet with other feathers of neon colors. so, the plume will be attached later, and the crown would even be fine without it, if it were to come off later.

I also painted out the reins, as they are often painted larger than the actual stitched reins and the gold shows on the edges underneath. I can still faintly see them. I may want to braid the reins and tack them down. the beards coming from under the chins looked creepy to me, so I painted them above, and painted joseph's hair over his ear, as advised by his salon makeover team. ALL the hands were way too big, so I painted around them to make them smaller. I painted over the designs in the robes of the Kings, as I find the decorative stitch patterns are much prettier. the only one I left was the green cape with it's folds. As far as the mantles, the diamonds were "off" the king # 3, and I left the magenta folds on King #2, as the stitch will cover them.

The tassels on the camel will be attached, so they were painted over, and the netting on the front camel was eliminated, as it will be loose also. Mary's cape showed on the right side of Baby Jesus, and I thought it distracting, so I painted over it, and made Mary's arm smaller. On the shepherd, the bottom of the ropes holding the horn were eliminated. The knob on top of the gift on the far right was painted out because it is really below the hand and was a bit close to the camel--I don't think anything is really lost, but I can attach a gold bead if I change my mind.

that is ALOT of changes! I usually don't do this!! I wish I had made a color copy beforehand, and recommend it to others. I made black and white copies on my home copier, in case I need placement for the reins, etc.

I also tend to be rather obsessive about colors, but when working from a stitch guide, I know the author put alot of time already into choosing fibers, so I hesitate to change them until I am familiar with the stitches and fibers selected. So, I pulled fibers and placed them in zip locs according to where they go. this is the first time I have purchased the fibers "kitted" to go with the guide. I love working from a guide--in this case one by Amy Bunger, of Amy's Golden Strand. I will still use my creativity to make it my own--it is just my nature!!

This stocking will be for the same son and DIL as the entourage stocking, and my son has the 3 Kings Tap Tent stocking, which was done in the 80's--I guess it is "vintage now". I am feeling very vintage these days!!!

I am really looking forward to stitching this, so much so, that the carpet cleaners are arriving at 8:30 am, and I have alot of work to do to get ready, yet here I am thinking about needlepoint and writing to you:))

take care,


  1. I just noticed that on the image above, Joseph's hair is fine. Mine was painted in flesh tones much higher to show his ear!

  2. Glad you like my photo. Robin

  3. I have removed the picture and will repost. I had intended to post an unstitched, painted canvas.