Friday, October 9, 2009

next project: NEW STOCKING

Well, as all my blogger friends were sending off their fine pieces for finishing, I was thinking to myself, hmmm...I haven't finished anything! That has all changed with the stocking I recently finished. you would think I might be burned out after stitching 5 days straight, leaning over the large stretcher bars.

Well, I have lots of small projects to do, but I cannot resist a brand new canvas. It's like a new car; it just smells good!!! So, next on my list is a wonderful Nativity procession by Tapestry Tent, now owned by Susan Roberts. you can find it in

as AXS 375. I am looking forward to using an extremely detailed stitch guide by the very talented Amy Bunger---what a treat! I really got lucky because my DIL picked out this stocking, and Amy had already done a stitch guide:

this one also has an angel across the top, but she will be handled differently, and I can't wait to see how she turns out.

so, while Doc and Mr. White are still MIA. Hopefully they didn't leave the Sanitarium! I am sure they will show up when the time is right, lol.

take care,

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