Sunday, October 18, 2009


Part of the challenge of this stocking is reconciling the 3 greens: King #1, Joseph's coat, and the bushes/trees. I started with Joseph's coat because it was the most challenging color to coordinate with the other two. I like to stitch a small amount of multiple areas, to see if I like the colors and stitches together. (ADHD, perhaps??) Then, when I travel, as we frequently do this time of year, I know my time will be well spent, and I won't end up later ripping out my efforts. You can see how I have stitched a small amount of Mary's skirt to get the color on the canvas. I think Mary's dress will be gorgeous in the overdyed blue.

Joseph may need a nose job as well, or he may have just told a lie. time will tell.

I love the fiber and stitch selection for the trees/bushes, and I love the way Joseph's coat turned out. It comes across as a neutral khaki, and looks good with the tree fibers. It is a combo of linen, burmilana, and spring II. I am still unsure how the turquoisy green of the King's cape will coordinate, but I think it will be OK with the other greens.

You can see that Mary has recovered nicely from her "spa time". Don't tell anyone, but apparently Dr. Carlos is quite famous! I know where I want to go, when the time comes!!! (She discovered him on the internet by googling "San Miguel face lift". now, I know why some of my friends frequent San Miguel de Allende so often!)

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