Thursday, December 1, 2011


oh my, where does the time go?!!!

I have not picked up a needle since my last class from Tony at the Needleworks. When I returned home, I was so hyped to stitch. what happened???

Well, I know that redoing a shower pan in the master BR, and 6 pin sized leaks spring in the copper pipes in the walls may have sidetracked me, but putting down over 2,000 sq ft of gorgeous limestone, jackhammering up the sunporch (I did it myself while my husband was out of town, because he told me not to tear it out.), plying up the asbestos laden vinyl 9 x 9 tiles in the kitchen, ripping out wallpaper in the entry, ripping out cabinets in the kitchen so the limestone would not be placed around them, and....hmmm, I think that may be all. Oh wait, we also bought a house in Zihuatanejo with over 14,000 sq ft that we are placing in the vacation rental category. Perhaps, that may have something to do with the fact that I have not stitched, as I packed over 20 paintings for shipping, hauled them to Houston, unloaded them into my sister's garage fopr a week, and have spent 4 out of the last 6 weeks "on location" in Zihuatanejo. For those that do not know, many of my photos on facebook (friend me Kathy Jewell Wommack) are of the bay and sunsets at Z. also, some pics from the restaurants that serve seafood caught the night before and sold at the mercado de pescadores at 7 am each morning.

So, I just received the Kelly Clark "Rebecca", and I still have 2 stockings that need to be done. also, I am scheduled for 2 classes from Tony in February. I WANT TO STITCH SOOO BADLY.

If anyone is worried about safety in Mexico, we fly directly from houston to Zihua on Continental, and our staff picks us up at the ariport, which is less than 20 minutes from Casa Cielo. We have an incredible cook, maintenance man, and gardener. Gaby oversees our home, as well as about 4 others, and has been in Zihua her whole life. What a blessing!

We are just down the road (we walk) from the #1 boutique hotel in Zihua, called Amuleto. It's bar is intoxicating, not just with drinks, but also the view, and brazilian jazz. And, the garden restaurant is incredible. the back gate of the subdivision above us on the hill is right across from our driveway, staffed with a 24 hr guard, we are installing electric fences, and security cameras, but for now we have a night guard at our home.

Very few places we have found in Mexico are quiet. Casa Cielo is! One morning I had a meeting at 9 am with Gaby, and I awoke at 9:10, paniced that Gaby had left. I could not believe I had slept so late, but the room was completely dark and it was so relaxing. A soaking tub on the terrace of the master, private jacuzzis for four of the bedrooms, a huge infinity pool, outdoor palapa bar, gourmet kitchen with 2 dishwashers and refrigerators. Double height ceiling in the living room. media room, and gym. Casa Cielo is MY heaven, (well maybe here on earth!)

Once I had DVDs of Kelly and Amy on my computer in Zihua, and told them they were on a virtual vacation. Perhaps, we could arrange a real life one sometime, of course with Colleen, and whomever else would like to join us!!!! Tony?? Great light, tables, privacy...

But, since these ladies and gent schedule their time 3 years in advance, should I ask them? thoughts anyone?

PS I had changed a son's bedroom here in Midland into a place for my needlepoint, though it has not been used, and now with Christmas approaching, I need to figure out how to gracefully tell him, it is MY room now!

my New Year's resolution will be to take my needs into account, and find time for stitching!!!

take care everyone,

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