Tuesday, June 23, 2009

San Miguel de Allende

Well, physically i am back, but my heart is still in Mexico! San Miguel is unfortunately almost deserted, the usual tourist scared off by national media that has always given Mexico a "bum wrap", but especially now, with the national media focusing on the gang violence. ummm--- we have gang violence in the US also, no?

Well in San Miguel, local businesses are suffering. the "high season" is July and August, and from hotel reports, things will improve. I only saw one person who even appeared to have a cold, so the swine flu is not an issue.

San Miguel is lovely, a bit hotter and drier than usual, but otherwise just as romantic and tactile as ever. We are actually trying to purchase a home down there, so my focus on decorating my home in Midland has taken a back seat to questions such as which paintings would fit where, and what furniture will go---in the event that we are able to come to terms with the seller.

Eventually, we will own a home in San Miguel--if not this one, then another. It will be a rental home, with top of the line linens, a full service staff, and amenities that make our guests feel they are in a 5 star facility. Perhaps we will even have needlepoint stands and magnifying lights? I cannot imagine a better spot for a group of friends to gather and reaquaint, and stitch.

San Miguel is a colonial town which is the spot for destination weddings, Santa Fe Photography workshops, multiple painting worshops, and while we were there hosted exemplary acoustical guitarists and opera singers! Last year, the Buddhist monks were visiting.

As well as a shopper's paradise, it has some wonderful restaurants. We ate at a restaurant in an old hacienda called Ristorante da Andrea, with delectable homemade Italian pasta and fresh entrees. Because we were house hunting, I missed the local "tuesday market" where last year I picked up some antique brands, which I discovered after I had given them to one of my sons for Christmas, were brands of his initials. Some things are meant to be. Granted, you have to watch your wallet at the tuesday market. And, I never wear jewelry in Mexico other than my wedding band.

I also found the workshop for the jewelry line: Virgins, Saints, and Angels. I discovered that the unmarked location is one I had walked past almost every day in the last 3 summers. Wholesale prices are not available, but 20 % off is nice!

Yes, I took the Nativity pieces, and no, I did not place even a single stitch!! I am just way too excited and focused on these other things. But, I did purchase a panel with adorable Italian angels on ebay. eventually they will end up in Mexico!
the link:


I like an ecletic decor, and discovered a US design team's book in a small bookstore in San Miguel that I highly recommend. It's Briger + Briger, who have a wonderful design philosophy, and gorgeous interiors as shown in the book. ISBN is 978-0-8478-2999-6 The lake house shown in the book is in Valle de Bravo, 2 hours from Mexico city, playground for wealthy Mexicans.

Stitching? yes, eventually....

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