Thursday, June 11, 2009



I am off to San Miguel BEFORE dawn for a week. I decided to take my Bunger Nativity series with me, which reminds me i need to find the stitch guides(!)Since I am only half way through baby Jesus, I bet I win the prize for the one furthest behind. I guess it really isn't my fault. It has to do with the way I was raised. It's all my mother's fault!!! right?

Just kidding!! My spring cleaning turned into a spring clearance (you know, just like at the mall---just get it all outta here). And then I discovered the Cote de Texas blog, and that was it. I have been on a designing binge for the last 3 weeks, browsing all these beautiful blogs with gorgeous French decor and lots of burlap. they have tablescape Fridays, and even had a burlap party, where each blogger used burlap in some creative way. I didn't enter in, but it did give me the idea to add ivory burlap curtains in the rooom I am redoing. We already had shutters, but at $1.50 a yard from Hobby Lobby, and no hems, I can't wait til the fabric arrives! I just wanted something to soften the bay window a bit.

I've never been any good at decorating, but maybe I just have never paid attention. I highly recommend the design blogs!! try Mrs. Blandings also.

Back to needlepoint---the Entourage stocking is staying home. the snow would melt if I took it to Mexico in the summer. Grizzle would complain the whole time, and funny bunny would step on cactus thorns. Or, the housekeeper might pick it up with oily hands, or the drug cartel might steal it. I would pay lots to get it back:))

Anyway, Doc is still trying to help Mr. White in rehab. Therapy takes a long time, you know! that's why I quit--my life isn't long enough!

Anyway, I figured baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph were appropriate to take to San Miguel. their pictures are everywhere (unlike our public buildings and schools); they are famous! now, if I could just find an antique Santo for sale....

robin, amy, AM I the furthest behind? or is there anyone who hasn't started yet?

take care all!!


  1. Bet there are lots of folks who haven't started their Nativity set yet and won't admit it.

    Take it along and absorb the atmosphere and stitch your brains out. Then come back to us safely.

  2. Kathy, remember: this is not a race ... this is not a competition. You will make progress and eventually finish, and we will gleefully ooh and aah.
    Have fun on your trip, and share photos with us. Robin