Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Needleworks' 12 Days of Christmas Nutcrackers


This is the first nutcracker in the series from The NeedleWorks. (That is why he has a #1 on his shield...!) All the nutcrackers in this series will have ribbons flowing from the staff. All have the same backgrounds. If you would like to see other stitched pieces, go to

I changed the front of the suit from what the stitch guide calls for, using Sprinkles from my stash which gives the same greenish highlights that the Kreinik in the background has. The guide called for petite very velvet white over a trellis of gold. It also has a different pattern for the sleeves and bottom of the jacket than I will stitch. It's always hard to do a white nutcracker against an ecru background, but I plan to do a brick with the Sprinkles, stitching over the gray outline. The thread in the beard is just my beading thread which I "stored" while working more of the background.

I LOVE this background, but initially labored over it, counting stitches to place the diagonal cotton. The vertical base is vineyard silk, which gives a nice sheen. The Kreinik has a greenish tint. Now, I've figured out if I put the gold in first, then stitch the long diagonals skipping every other area vertically, it is MUCH faster because the gold serves as a roadmap. I am off one stitch on the right side, but cannot find the error, so I am going to try to compensate for it and leave it. hopefully, the tree will help make it not so noticeable.

The jacket will have the petite gold beads and probably red beads, or, if not, then metallic french knots. so, this guy will have a designer jacket!

I have a tendency to "skip around"...sorta the way I live my life!


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  1. This is a great looking nutcracker. The stitches are wonderful, especially the background stitch. I remember looking at the sample of it last time I was at The Needleworks! Beautiful work!