Sunday, February 22, 2009


No, you haven't accidentally jumped to the pioneer woman cooks !!

A RECIPE from Amy Bunger, and a painted canvas from Kelly Clark makes for quite a stitcher's treat!! I can't wait to see this 3D manger when it comes back from the finisher.

I love this BIG tied stitch for the manger; perhaps I can stay caught up with this series after all! Amy, how did you know I needed that?!

You can view this Home Study on Amy Bunger's website:
Click on "Nativity", then scroll to the bottom of the page for the images.

I guess I deviated a bit from the guide by pulling from both ends of my Lorikeet. I may like Amy's better, but mine is stitched and will stay. Mine has a much more subtle color variation.

take care,


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Great job on the Blog.
    I am enjoying all, including the cattle, as well as your progress on Amy's Home Study.

    How is my friend, Mr. Nutcracker?
    I have stitched 8 nutcrackers and have a collection of many regular
    Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers. The Memphis nutcrackers are cheering on the Texas nutcracker towards completion.


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  3. I'm stitching on this one, too. Have about as much done as you do in the picture, so I hope you have done more! I love this series!
    Carole Lake