Sunday, February 15, 2009

Projects for 2009

Hi all!

First priority is the Entourage stocking by Tapestry Tent, which I am making for our grandson born in Dec 2008. I have also taken on two series: The 12 Days of Christmas Nutcrackers from The NeedleWorks, and the Nativity homestudy from Amy's Golden Strand. I recently joined the Shining Needle Society (it's free), and signed up for the "Floral Rondel" online class taught by Judy Souliotis.

I would not have taken so much on , but we have collected nutcrackers since my eldest son was a baby, and I love this series. I couldn't pass up Amy Bunger's nativity homestudy either. The canvases are painted by Kelly Clark! And, Judy's class interested me because I have a Tapestry Tent angel stocking with all golds and white on ecru that I plan to stitch at some point (maybe next year), so I am interested in the real metals and the silks.

I will try to post on a regular basis, so I would love for you to subscribe, or follow this blog.

(I think my 6th grade English teacher would tell me not to start every sentence with "I"!)


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