Monday, May 25, 2009

well....ALMOST back to stitching

Hi!!! I have missing you ALL sooo much!!!

Our textbook grandson was christened yesterday, I have finished two sets of invitations which tapped my creativity, the painters are REPAINTING the walk-in closets in my soon to be DEN, I finished my biannual checkup at MDAnderson, and if I can get my son off to Mexico in a week with international phone service, traveler's checks, and Tamiflu---well, then I might be able to actually make some progress in my stitching!!

"Doc" went with me to Houston for my checkup. (It was appropriate to take him--he was getting restless from no human contact. I think that is called "neglect") He was a bit intimidated among the finest oncologists in the country and hid during my exam, in his plastic tote. At least, he thought he was hiding, but the world could see him--ha!!! Anyway, I stitched some of his background.

I have started putting in the back snow area on my Entourage stocking. All the metallic silvers were too shiny for a shaded area, so I am trying Accentuate #362, which gives the dulled silver that should recede. I will see how it works and post the picture if I like it. It has a bit of a metallic khaki tinge which should work well with my other fiber colors.

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