Monday, May 11, 2009


Whomever invented Ebay should have also invented a 30 hour day!!! how can I possibly decrease my stash when I am seeing such nice canvases going for next to nothing?? how can I possibly stitch everything I want to when I keep adding new canvases?

I added two medieval canvases:

I imagine these are printed on interlock, but will see when they arrive.

I am selling two gorgeous Peter Ashe canvases, the Mallard and the Quail, ending later today.

(you can search on ebay and find them)

In my effort to "clear the clutter" from my home, I am also considering how to do the same for my time. We all need to consider how to spend more time on our priorities(actual stitching, for example), and less on extraneous time robbers(browsing ebay(!))...Something I know I need to do anyway!!!

PS Today is my BDay!!! 21 again!!

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