Friday, May 15, 2009

XXL Zip Loc Bags

It doesn't rain in Midland, Texas---ever. so, I was caught quite by surprise in austin one day with my stocking stretched on 28in bars and a drizzle coming from the sky! (Grizzle didn't much like the drizzle!!)

Here's a trick many of you might want to know about, because next time I will be better prepared. Ziploc makes an XXL bag with handles at the top which comes in a box of 3. Each is 2 ft x 2.7 ft. don't confuse it with their XL tote. this one fold up flat. I plan to keep one in my stitching bag JUST IN CASE!! It takes up NO room at all!

here's the link, and scroll down to find the product:

Next week I will be back!!

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