Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am taking out the sliding variation stitch from the distant trees on the Entourage stocking. Although I had tried several leaf-type stitches, I was unhappy with them in wool. So, I tried the sliding variation, in Watercolors, but thought the diagonals were too prominent. That is what I am ripping out.

I've realized that I was really wanting was a stitch that didn't show the individual branches. Rather, I would like for the stitch to just create the impression of branches in the viewer's mind. I love the color of the wool, but had not been able to "make it work".

Since I am taking a notebook class through the Shining Needle Society on stitches that would be good for Christmas: "Christmas Stitches I" taught by Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren, I decided to use a bargello stitch featured in that class. I have LOTS going on in this stocking already!! The bargello should fade into the backgound, which is what I want. I may add a darker stitch over one in between the rows.

Pictures tomorrow....I hope!


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